Female Inventory Manager Shows Digital Tablet Information to a Worker Holding Cardboard Box, They Talk and Do Work. In the Background Stock of Parcels with Products Ready for Shipment.

Our experts will help you maximize efficiencies, decrease costs and ultimately improve patient care. We will work with you to improve processes, standardize products and build efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

Supply Chain Consulting

Our experts will evaluate every aspect of your supply chain, and offer an actionable plan for implementation. Allow us to help your facility reduce expenses, increase productivity and increase revenue.

Sourcing Services

We act as an extension of your staff to source needed supplies, products, and services from the suppliers our clients specify, negotiate contracts.

Competitive Quote Procurement

Short staffed?  Allow EG Solutions’ experts to source quotes on your behalf and enable your team to spend their valuable time on higher priorities. Our team will procure competitive equipment quotes, and provide you with a summary of pricing, and specifications enabling you to make an informed decision while not consuming your staff’s valuable time.