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2nd Annual Naples Disabled Veterans Banquet

Kelly Rubino attends the 2nd Annual Naples Disabled Veterans Banquet

EG Solutions Vice President Kelly Rubino attended the 2nd Annual Naples Disabled Veterans Banquet.


Retired United States Marine Corps pilot Captain Theodore D. (Ted) Soliday was saluted at the Naples Disabled Veterans Banquet being held in the Naples Municipal Airport Hertz Hangar on February 6, 2016.

Soliday, City of Naples Airport Authority Executive director since 1994, was honored during the event. Under his leadership, Naples Municipal Airport has amassed a variety of honors and developed a national reputation for outstanding service. Soliday has announced plans to retire in April 2016.

In the United States Marine Corps, Soliday served as a captain, pilot and air traffic controller. He is a disabled veteran from the Vietnam conflict, decorated nine times for his combat service.

Soliday’s aviation career spans nearly 50 years, with experience as a pilot, an educator, a manager and a planner.

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