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About EG Solutions Aviation Services

EG Solutions, Inc. (EGS) is a Lakewood Ranch, FL based aviation consulting firm. Each member of senior management has over 40 years of engineering and aviation experience. The majority of this experience has been on Florida aviation projects.

After founding another company, MEA Group in the 1990s, the partners sold the company to a larger, national transportation company in 2007. EGS was started by two of the MEA partners, Gloria Brady, P.E. and Kelly Rubino, P.E., C.B.C. in 2013.

The EGS difference:

  • EGS personnel include professional engineers, resident project representatives, and licensed contractors.
  • EGS personnel provide quality assurance materials and geotechnical expertise.
  • EGS team is knowledgeable on FAA and FDOT grant processes and closeout.
  • EGS is skilled in operational safety during construction at airports.
  • EGS consultants have expertise in earth work, pavements, water management, hangars, and airport structures.
  • EGS has private and commercial pilots on staff and can arrive onsite by air saving time and cost.
One representation of our philosophy is the completion of a complex research project at the Naples Municipal Airport. Funded by the FAA and FDOT and teaming with the University of Florida’s Environmental Engineering Department, as well as others, this multimillion-dollar project is an innovative approach to reducing wildlife hazards on airports as well as improving the water quality of stormwater facilities within a much smaller footprint than using current presumptive Department of Environmental Protection rules. EGS co-authored the current state rules for permitting of stormwater ponds on the airside of airports. EGS was also the technical manager and author of the FDOT Statewide Airport Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual and the Technical Report for the Statewide Airport Stormwater Study. EG Solutions Inc. is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certified by the Florida Department of Transportation.
Gloria C. Brady, President EG Solutions LLC

Gloria C. Brady


Kelly Rubino, Vice President

Kelly Rubino

Vice President

Scott T. Brady, Senior Consultant

Scott T. Brady

Senior Consultant