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Project Details

PROJECTStormwater Management System Improvements – Planning, Design, Permitting, and Construction
LOCATIONSarasota Manatee Airport Authority

EGS was retained to complete a master drainage plan update for SRQ and the update resulted in several stormwater system improvements. This project reduced/modified ponds that were attractants for hazardous wildlife thereby improving safety while allowing approximately 111 acres of aviation business development consisting of aprons, taxilanes, hangars and offices, access roads and parking, thus increasing airport revenue. This is about 55 acres greater than would otherwise be available using presumptive design criteria.

The improvements also reduced flooding impacts in the surrounding area and are based on alternative design criteria developed and tested at the FAA Demonstration Pond completed at Naples Airport as part of a larger construction project. The project also uses information from the Statewide Airport Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual. Three ponds were internally modified to multiply their water quality treatment efficiency by a factor of ten. This reduced the required pond sizes for future development by around 23 acres. The project also replaced failed pipes in parts of the system and eliminated three ponds in and adjacent to the same footprint as the current SRQ apron expansion project. Absent these changes, the current apron expansion and related terminal expansion projects would face permitting hurdles and vastly increased costs.

The project included RPR services including construction progress meetings, site visits, submittal and RFI reviews, evaluation of contractor pay requests, preparation of change orders, coordination of a QA testing program, preparation of conformed documents, and project closeout.