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Project Details

Spruce Creek Property Owner’s Association, Spruce Creek Airpark, Design/Build Runway 5/23 Improvements
PROJECTDesign/Build Runway 5/23 Improvements
CLIENTSpruce Creek Property Owner’s Association
LOCATIONSpruce Creek Airpark

The 7FL6 airport, which had one active Runway 5/23, is owned by the SCPOA and had been the subject of an extended continuing evaluation to determine when, and to what extent, repairs to or resurfacing of the runway were most appropriate to protect and maintain the asset. The information collected from core drilling, visual inspection, surveying and opinions expressed by EG Constructors, led SCPOA management to conclude the most prudent and sensible course of action to take regarding the maintenance and preservation of the runway. This was a design/build contract.

The top½ inch of the existing surface was milled off and transported to a storage site.

Any spots where an area of the surface disintegrated when milled was patched in preparation for the application of the new surface.

A nominal two inches of the new designated macadam mix was applied to the milled runway surface. Low or depressed areas were built up with the mix to conform to the runway crowning and to eliminate areas where water would pool. A physical survey identified such areas. The newly applied surface is smooth, crowned in the center to drain to both sides, and without pockets or depressions that create bumps or standing water.

Markings placed on the new surface replicated the existing markings except for the change of the runway numbers from 5/23 to 6/24. The initial painting was a light application of the markings followed by a final heavy marking coat after the new surface had cured.