EG Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its Health Care Division!asuka

The Health Care Division is headed up by Amber Suka. Amber has extensive experience in the health care industry and brings her 15+ years of business development, strategic negotiation, and tactical implementation of new processes and contracts within single and multi-site organizations to lead EG Solutions, Inc’s Health Care Division.

Amber has worked diligently with healthcare leaders throughout Florida implementing cost savings initiatives, and improving supply chain efficiencies. We look forward to combining her skills with the engineering and program management skills of EG Solutions, Inc. to support the ongoing growth and demands of healthcare providers throughout the state of Florida.

Amber can be reached directly at

Services offered:

Project Management

It's careful planning that secures success

  • Project/Program Management
  • Preconstruction Design Review
  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Planning
  • Scheduling and Budget
  • Contracting



Commissioning, Retro Commissioning, Re-Commissioning/Energy Services

Electrician engineer uses a multimeter to test the electrical installation and power line current

  • Building Commissioning
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Savings/Retrofit Projects
  • Optimization




Fire and Safety

Engineer checking Industrial fire control system,Fire Alarm controller, Fire notifier, Anti fire.System ready In the event of a fire.

  • Preconstruction Services
  • System Design and ROI Analysis
  • 3rd Party Fire Stop Inspections
  • Full Barrier Management
  • Full Remediation Services
  • Life Safety Plans
  • Complete Engineering Services
  • Code Consulting including Alternative Means and Methods
  • Quality Control Program

Workforce Optimization

Successful Businesswoman On Corporate Meeting Smiling To Asian Businessman Indoor

  • Management Partnership
  • Integrated 30/60/90-Day Action Plans
  • Updated Performance Benchmarks and Productivity Targets





Cost Reduction Solutions

Business document report on paper and tablet with sales data and financial business growth graph on table background.

  • Telecom
  • Waste
  • Utilities
  • Document Storage
  • Managed Print
  • Beverages
  • Bank Fees
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • IT Computer Procurement
  • Mail Costs

Supply Chain Solutions

Female Inventory Manager Shows Digital Tablet Information to a Worker Holding Cardboard Box, They Talk and Do Work. In the Background Stock of Parcels with Products Ready for Shipment.

  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Sourcing Services
  • Competitive Quote Procurement