With over 15 years of supply chain and group purchasing experience, Amber has helped healthcare providers with cost savings, product and process standardization, and process improvement. She has helped providers achieve an average of 15-25% savings on medical and pharmaceutical purchases.  With extensive experience within the healthcare ecosystem, Amber is able to utilize her knowledge of the supplier industry to negotiate the best savings on your behalf. Amber can be reached directly at asuka@eg-solutionsinc.com.

Short staffed?

Staff burnout?

Not enough time in the day?

Let EG Solutions’ Purchasing Concierge Services work for you. We will work as an extension of your workforce to help alleviate some of thetestimonial burden on your team. We now offer:

Competitive Quote Procurement – Equipment and/or Capital Purchases

Let EG Solutions work with suppliers to obtain competitive equipment quotes for you. Your dedicated purchasing team is already burnt out and dealing with supply chain shortages and fluctuating supply costs on day-to-day items. My team can help.

RFP Due Diligence

Want to ensure that you have the best distributor partner, the most competitive pricing and the best services available but don’t have the time to undergo the burdensome process of evaluating your options? Let EG Solutions’ Concierge Services take on that responsibility.

  • GPO
  • Med/Surg Distribution
  • Pharmacy Wholesaler

*No contract commitments…a la carte purchasing concierge services

Healthcare Construction Services offered:

Project Management

Commissioning, Retro Commissioning, Re-Commissioning/Energy Services

Fire and Safety

Workforce Optimization

Cost Reduction Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions