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Tracey Chadwell, BSN, RN, CVAHP,

Chief Supply Chain and Value Analysis Consultant

Tracey Chadwell

Tracey has extensive clinical and supply chain experience driving clinical and operational performance improvement, demonstrating significant returns on investment through clinical utilization management of resources and operational cost savings. My experience covers aspects of Supply Chain including data analytics, operational efficiencies, internal and external customer relations, GPO’s and contracting, and consulting in these areas. Her experience in value analysis includes leading a program, developing or refining existing programs, and implementing millions of dollars in savings through various healthcare organizations. This also involved operational and clinical process improvement programs which contributed to cost savings in both labor and non-labor expenses.

Tracey is active with state healthcare organizations in all classes of trade, providing educational presentations and advisory services. She is a featured guest on several podcasts, such as Power Supply and The ASC Podcast and has authored several professional articles.