Punta Gorda Airport Design/Build of 24 Unit T-Hangar


EG Constructors and EG Solutions’ personnel were retained to construct a 24-unit Aircraft Design Group I T-hangar complex for the Charlotte County Airport Authority. Each hangar has a 43-foot wide door opening with a 12-foot x 9-foot clear height opening. The metal building […]

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Punta Gorda Airport, Design/Build Taxiway A and C


EG Constructors and EG Solutions’ owners and management were principals of a previous Design/Build firm that designed and constructed a 2-inch overlay of the existing pavement for Taxiway A, parallel to Runway 4/22 and the connector Taxiway C, located more than halfway from […]

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Punta Gorda Airport, Design and Rebuild


In August of 2004, Hurricane Charley touched down at the Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda (PGD). The resulting damage was devastating as it rendered the airport inoperative for a significant period of time. The owners and senior management of EG Constructors and […]

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Punta Gorda Airport, Concrete Apron


EG Solutions’ personnel was the engineer of record for this project. The previous terminal apron was over 60 years old. It consisted of concrete with a nominal thickness of 7-inches that varied from 4 to 9-inches in a random pattern. With the reintroduction of […]

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